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A well socialised puppy is a joy to live with and to love.

Learning  Starts Young. Train Your Puppy Well

No matter how experienced an owner you are, your puppy has never been a puppy before, it only gets one go. And it got you! Enjoy giving your puppy the best early education you can.

Although I WILL help owners of any age dog, as outlined in my Behavioural Solutions page,  preventing common issues developing by teaching and guiding our dogs, is much better.

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Why I Do This Job

This job I do, and the life I live, are inseparable. My own dogs intermittently work for me as stooges, while what I learn FROM them and their interactions keeps me constantly observing, questioning and learning.

What I do…I provide an individual service for owners of all ages of pet dogs.. to both prevent problems developing, and help them work towards solutions which suit the owners' lifestyle .. I explain the fundamental principles of applied animal behaviour and learning theory to my clients, to whatever level they can comfortably understand.

Whether you attend my classes or only have private visits, my concern is always 'What is the dog learning NOW?' and my classes are aimed at giving every participant, both human and animal, the best learning experience I can.

Am I a dog trainer or behaviourist? I am both, I look at the WHOLE dog.. but I am practically interactive, I 'show AND tell'.

The underpinning AIM is always to ensure safety and a realistic, but hopefully a happy outcome for both dog and family.

What I don't DO.. I don't advocate .. control control control, rote obedience or 'rank reduction'. In fact, the 'control' concept deeply disturbs me.. as dogs need to be taught preferred behaviour.. I do teach owners to think about 'What's It Worth' when guiding their dogs though :-)

If owners want  classical obedience, if a straight sit or smart finish is important to them, that's fine and we can work on it, but all I care about is they have a SAFE happy easy going reliable dog. A dog which could be left with any random neighbour in an emergency or stroked by a child without a second thought. 

  THE SIMPLEST WAY to achieve this is by teaching puppies young!

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Walking with Dogs

Teach For Good Temperament

If I had just one phrase

one chance to pass my message to just one other..

once chance to tell the whole world.

THIS would be the mantra I would pass on...

Teach For Good Temperament

Because being a Pet Dog Is a Tough Job.

Briony Lazarides

Teach For Good Temperament

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