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 Litter Chipping For Breeders

Legally compliant puppy litter chipping in Breeders' Homes within travel distance of Dumfries.

I am a qualified registered insured microchipper and have several years experience. I recommend Animal Tracker/Peddymark as I know from experience their direct support if a pet is lost or found is excellent, plus they offer an 'inform breeder' service for no extra charge. This gives lifelong peace of mind to compassionate breeders lest a dog they bred turns up in rescue for example.  Additionally for a small one-off  additional fee to Animal Tracker the breeder can keep all their chip records in one account, and transfer records to new owners for no additional charge. 

In 2022 my charging is based at £10 per puppy in the litter with a full £10 voucher for each puppy off the price of a Bright Start Home Visit. The breeder can include this in their puppy packs for any pups sold locally or even use one themself if they keep a pup.  During chipping sessions (done during the 7-8 week window) I'm happy to 'talk puppy development' for no extra cost.

Breeder Visits and Chipping: About Me
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Best Start Breeder Visits

Best Start visits are for Breeders who want to give their pups optimal socialisation and are keen on maximising all the developmental opportunities. For pups from four weeks old with topics  from toilet on cue to early clicker training and off-leash heeling.  During these chats, I cover practical exercises, body handling, nail clipping, lure reward training etc. I also bring a variety of physical resources to show breeders, from books and developmental charts to videos.   As well as general tips and information on accessing insurance cover/feeding samples/online free resources  from good companies I also provide handouts breeders can include in puppy packs to help the new owners get their pups off to the Best Start. 

Best Start Visits are priced at £60 for litters of up to six puppies and £5 surcharge  for each extra puppy.  

Bright Start Owner Discount Vouchers are also given here, but i will not chip puppies under seven weeks.

If you are a local puppy buyer browsing here, please alert your breeder to my services and the  extra puppy pack goodies!

Breeder Visits and Chipping: Welcome
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