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GCDS Teaching and Testing

TrainMyPuppy Dumfries is a KC Listed Status Club and I am also an Approved KC/GCDS Examiner All Levels

In my classes I include the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme syllabus. I find it helps owners to work together towards common goals. With TrainMyPuppy Dumfries you can work with your puppy through the stages from Puppy Foundation right up through Bronze, Silver and on to Gold.     A brief look at the scheme is pictured below, and the button will take you to the Kennel Club's home page where you will learn all about the scheme.    

But also, I can Examine Bronze Silver and Gold for other clubs. This scheme promotes responsible dog ownership and I provide this service on a not-for-profit basis. IF you are involved with a local club which is not KC Affiliated, I can still provide testing/certification for your members/clients through TrainMyPuppy Dumfries, subject to direct overheads being covered

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Kennel Club Good Citizens: About Me
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